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Locally owned Et All, Inc. of Anaheim, CA is proud to provide background checks both nationally and internationally. We are licensed and insured to provide you with quick, accurate results. We have basic packages that cover many requirements; however, custom packages are available and all candidates are run through the National Sex Offender Registry. Please peruse the list of services we provide below for further understanding.

Base Investigation: 
  • SSN Search-provides all the names and addresses associated with the number. This information is pulled from the credit agencies


  • Credit Report-provides the applicant's credit history including bankruptcies, tax liens/judgments, public records

  • Driving Record Report-provides a printout of the DMV history for the past 3 years

  • Criminal Searches-provides felony & misdemeanor convictions within the past seven years

Additional Services:
  • Employment Verification-provides contact from the past 3 employers and verifies dates and position, also asks about eligibility for rehire and reason for leaving; however some companies will not comment on these

  • Education Verification- Verify the highest level of degree earned

  • Civil Searches-provides cases where an individual has sued or been sued for any of the following: family law, auto accidents, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and/or small claims (please note this is a NAME MATCH ONLY search)

  • Workers Comp Search-provides any workers comp claims (not available in all states). Certain restrictions apply 

  • Consent Based Social Verification-provides a search that requires a signature on Form SSA 89 (available upon request). This search is conducted through the Social Security Administration and will provide you with a "Match" or "No Match" response

  • Federal District Court Searches-provides a search for individuals who have been convicted of any federal crime, i.e. anything that crosses state lines, smuggling of drugs/people across state lines

  • National Jurisdiction Search- this search contains records pulled from a multi-jurisdictional criminal database (list of jurisdictions included available upon request)

  • EPLS/GSA-provides a search of a listing of individuals prohibited from conduction business with the US for any number of reasons

  • HHS-OIG-(The Health and Human Services, Office of the Inspector General) provides a search that lists people who are not allowed to work in any medical arena due to fraud with billing, services, and/or any criminal activity resulting from those situations

  • OFAC-(Office of Foreign Asset Control) provides a search of a government list that keeps track of individuals considered a threat to the US

Tenant Screening: 
  • Tenant Credit Report-Credit history with Transunion FICO score

  • Criminal Search -provides any felony & misdemeanor convictions within the past seven years

  • Civil Search - limited civil/small claims (this is a name match only search)

  • Evictions Search - provides eviction records

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